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Writing a Resume

You need to be able to market your skills effectively to someone who wants to hire you. A potential employer needs to "see you in the job." Hiring managers may spend only a few seconds scanning your resume to determine if it should go into the qualified candidate pile or if it should be weeded out. This makes it imperative that you choose the most appropriate resume format to highlight your skills effectively.

The CareerCenter offers workshops on resume writing.
Find out about workshops available in your area.

Maine's Job Bank will soon include a resume building tool. You will be able to create a resume from scratch or upload an existing resume and use the tool to help enhance the content. The resume tool will:

  • Prompt you with yes or no answers to questions based on the provided position title and employer
  • Create bulleted skill and duty descriptions instead of requiring you to write your own
  • Provide a choice of resume formats (chronological or functional)
  • Allow you to review and edit the created resume for accuracy and customization
  • Save the resultant resume in a variety of formats
  • Match you with job opportunities posted in Maine's Job Bank

The most common types of resumes

There are three main resume formats. Each is defined by the way it organizes your experience.

  • Chronological resumes present information in a time line approach.
    This format is a good choice for people with steady work histories or previous jobs that relate closely to their career objective. But because this format emphasizes dates and job titles, it is often not the best format for career changers or new entrants to the work force.
    sample chronological resume
  • Functional resumes organize your experience around skills rather than job titles.
    This format is ideal for students who have some work history, but not in positions that relate directly to the job they want. Be aware however, that many employers are not familiar with this format.
    sample functional resume
  • Combination resumes highlight your skills and experiences. This format combines the best of chronological and functional formats.
    sample combination resume

For detailed information about resumes, applications, cover letters, applications and much more, download Job Hunting in Maine.